Railways stock a large range of quality sands for all your project needs such as paving, brick laying, concreting, rendering, or even just to play in.

Concrete & Paving Sand

A double washed, coarse granular sand used primarily for mixing with gravel for concrete, or to use as a bedding & screeding sand under paved areas.

Quartzite Sand

Quartzite sand is crushed quartz also known as quarry sand. It's commonly used as a packing sand or bedding sand under paving & filling trenches.

Dolomite Sand

Dolomite is a crushed bluestone also known as crusher dust or quarry sand. It's generally used as a packing sand underneath paving & concrete, filling in trenches, and as a compacted sub-base.

Fitzgerald Quarry Sand

Fitzgerald Quarry Sand is a coarse grade sand generally used for compacting to create solid pathways & driveways. Provides the same effect to what is known as a "crushed granite pathway" often seen on TV shows. Light sandstone in colour.

Red Plaster Sand

Often used for rendering walls & floors when blended with cement.

Brick Sand

Brick sand is mostly used for blending with cement to make a mortar for laying bricks or blocks.

Dried Sand

A very fine kiln dried sand mainly used for joint filling (grouting) of pavers once laid. It is also over artificial turf as the in-fill and to weigh it down.

Play Pit Sand

A very clean white sand designed specifically for use in the kids sand pit or play area. It is a washed, semi-fine granular sand which wont bleach clothing like some other products can.