Rubble and Gravel

We stock a range of rubble & gravels suited to a wide variety of uses such as base work preparation, drainage behind retaining walls & surface coverage on driveways or garden paths.

Blue Metal 14mm

Blue metal is commonly used for drainage behind retaining walls, soakage pits, driveway cover or to blend with sand in order to make concrete mix.

White Metal 10mm

White metal is 10mm gravel & generally used for driveways & pathways. It can also be used in garden beds as a decorative stone. The colour is an off white with some light shades of pinks & greys giving it character & making it softer on the eye.

Sandstone Metal 14mm

Our Sandstone metal is a 14mm gravel sourced from Yankallila & is popular to use as a driveway or pathway cover.

Marble Chip 20mm

Marble Chip is a bright white coloured stone commonly used as a ground cover in garden areas (paricularly japanese gardens), pathways & driveways. The bright colour provides bold contrast amongst plants.  

Quarry Rubble

Quarry Rubble is also known as road base & is very commonly used in ground preparation prior to construction. The primary use is to form a hard, compact sub-base under paving, retaining walls, roadways & concrete etc.

Concrete Mix

Concrete Mix is a blend of 14mm Blue Metal and Washed Concrete Sand. It is blended with Cement in order to make concrete for footings, slabs & piers etc.