Irrigation Products

Ask about our extensive range of irrigation products

Drippers & drip-line

Full range of drippers available in store to suit a variety of applications

TORO drip-eze 13mm Landscape drip-line available in 50m, 100m & 200m rolls

RainBird Coppershield sub-surface drip-line for under lawn applications

Netafim Tech-line (anti-syphon) drip-line for both above and below ground applications

Poly Pipe & fittings (13,19 & 25mm)

13, 19 & 25mm low density, professional grade poly pipe

25, 50, 100 & 200m rolls available & in stock

Full range of poly fittings & clamps

4mm flexible & rigid riser tube

High density threaded poly fittings & risers

Stainless steel cobra clamps   

Indoor & outdoor controllers

Railways offer a wide selection of irrigation controllers for all types of applications. Talk to us today about selecting the best controller for your needs

We stock high quality brands in TORO, RainBird, Hunter & Orbit

From 1 station to 24 station controllers

Both indoor and outdoor applications

All the latest models & features including wi-fi enabled

Solenoid valves, manifolds and wire cable

Irritrol & RainBird 25mm solenoid valves with flow control

13mm & 19mm mini barbed solenoids

Huge range of Philmac & Spears manifolds, nipples & O’ring fittings to build solenoid stations

Low voltage wire cable (3,5,7,9 & 13 core wire)  available in rolls or per metre

3M Scotchloc gel clamps for connecting wiring

Manual & automatic tap-timers

Battery operated automatic tap timers from 1 to 4 stations

Manual 2 hour tap timers

Brands include Pope, Orbit & Galcon

Rainwater tanks

Railways are distributors for Maxiplas, Tank Poly & Dingo rainwater tanks. We can supply tanks from 1,000 litres up to 22,500 litres. Thin tanks, Round tanks, Slim-line tanks & Squat tanks, there are many options available to suit your requirements & space. Ask us today about how we can help you save water, and your back pocket.

Water pumps

Railways can help you choose the right pump for a number of different applications including:

Rainwater pumps & tanks

Stormwater control

Submersible & non submersible

Stormwater pipe

75mm & 90mm stormwater pipe

Full range of stormwater fittings for 75 & 90mm pipe

PVC primer fluid, solvent cement & high pressure glue

100mm DWV pipe

PVC pressure pipe in 20, 25, 32, 40 & 50mm

Telescopic pipe joiners & repair kits

Soil moisture sensors & rain sensors

Save money & water by incorporating soil moisture sensors & rain sensors to your automatic irrigation system

Pop-up sprinklers & spray jets

We stock a very large selection of pop up & gear drive rotary sprinklers to suit all types of areas from the smallest of lawns to entire sporting fields & parks. The team at Railways will happily assist you to find the best sprinkler to suit your needs and gain maximum efficiency. Replacement parts & alternative heads are also available from our store

Valve boxes

Huge variety of both residential & commercial valve boxes available

Stormwater pits and channel drains

1m & 3m long Everhard Channel drains (strip drains)

Converters, corners & end caps

Stormwater collection pits from 260mm up to 600mm

Optional colours & grate types available

Pressure reducing & dual check valves

15 to 40 PSI pressure reducers

Brass dual check valves ¾ & 1 inch applications

Non return RPZ valves

Brass fittings, taps & gate valves

15mm – 32mm Brass elbows, tees, joiners & compression unions

Brass nipples & bushes

15mm Nickel coated & brass taps

A selection of gate valves from ½ inch up to 2 inch

Blue Line & fittings (25 & 40mm)

25 & 40mm blue-line in 25 & 50m rolls

Large range of Philmac compression and threaded fittings to suit

Garden hoses and trigger guns

12 & 18mm Garden Hoses in 15 & 30m lengths

Variety of hose end trigger guns & wands

Hose fittings & connectors

3 way splitters

Multi faucet tap outlets

Hose end lawn sprinklers

Tools & accessories

Pipe cutters

Key punches

Hole punches for drip-line take-off

Cobra clamp pliers

Sprinkler adjustment tools

Metal ring clamps


Thread tapes

Much, much more!