Building Products

Railways Landscape Supplies are sure to have the product or tool that you need to complete your paving, retaining wall or landscaping project.

Ask us about our Extensive Range of Building Supplies & Tools.


Some of our top brands include:



Black Plastic
Marker Pens
Orange builders film (200um)
Construction & tile adhesives
Clear & coloured silicones
Concrete & mortar additives
Oxides for colouring concrete & mortar
Diamond blades from 4inch to 16inch
Screed bars, leveling rakes & spirit levels
Line marking paint
Herbicides & weed killer
Shovels (garden, trenching or post hole)
Hammers & Bolsters
Trowels & Hacksaws
Tape measures

Reinforcement Rods, Concrete Mesh & slabs
Star Droppers
Garden Stakes
Galvanised & Plastic Lawn Edging
Ace Waterproofing Paving Sealers
Expansion Joint Fillers


Bagged products

Cement 20kg 
Off White Cement 20kg
Brighton Lite 20kg
Concrete Pack 30kg 
Mortar Pack 30kg 
Rapid Set Concrete 20kg 
Dried Sand 30kg 
Pavelok 20kg 
PLS 250 20kg (Plain) 
PLS 250 20kg (Charcoal) 
Lime 20kg
Paveset 30kg
Istra 40 25kg (refractory cement for fireproof mortar)
Tile Bond Extra 20kg
Just 2 Easy 20kg (flexible adhesive)
Uni-Level 20kg 

Jeffries Organic Compost 30 litre 
Jeffries Organic Potting Soil 30 litre
Jeffries Veggie & Garden Soil 30 litre 
Jeffries Forest Mulch 50 litre
Jeffries Recover Mulch 50 litre



We carry a comprehensive range of dampcourses in 50m rolls.
Widths of: 110mm, 150mm, 230mm, 300mm, 380mm & 600mm available

Railways also stock waterproofing products such as EvoSeal for spray on applications

Garden Master Sheds

Looking for a new shed? Railways sell the full range of quality sheds by Garden Master, made here in South Australia. These sheds are available in a huge range of sizes, styles & colours to suit almost every space. Only Garden Master uses quality heavy duty channel and thick high tensile sheeting - up to 25% stronger than most brands! All sheds come pre-assembled and flat packed for easy and quick DIY installation. 

String lines

Sometimes it's the simple tools that make the job that much easier! String lines are used to give you a perfectly straight line to work with whether you're building a fence, retaining wall or perhaps paving the driveway. Available in both 50m & 100m long.

Weed control, Mulch & Geo-textile mats

Railways stock a huge range of weed control mat, mulch mat & geo-textile fabric mat.
Available in a variety of pre-packs for smaller jobs, or full sized 25m & 50m rolls for larger applications.