Basket Range Sandstone

Basket Range Sandstone products have been quarried locally in the Adelaide Hills for over a century. Each individual stone is unique in it's colour, shape & texture. Basket Range products include Walling Stone, Paving, Outdoor feature stones & slabs, Garden edging & Veneer fascia stone.  

Random Walling Stone

Basket Range Sandstone "Random Walling" has a number of uses due to the broad range of shapes & styles of each stone. Retaining walls, Feature walls, Garden walls or even just as feature rocks placed through the garden beds. You can even build a fence or bridge with this beautiful sandstone.

Sawn Wallers

Basket Range Sandstone "Sawn Wallers" are sawn both top and bottom making building a DIY, dry-stack stone wall a breeze. Available in 80mm, 110mm & 162mm thicknesses.

Combination walls using 80mm & 162mm together is also a very popular choice. You can purchase a 2:1 ratio of 80mm & 162mm sawn wallers making the job even easier!

Basket Range Sawn Wallers in 80mm & 162mm make an ideal retaining wall, garden wall or edging when you want the beauty of natural stone in your garden.

Come in and see our Sawn waller displays & to view our Basket Range Sandstone products.